We are having a great time this week getting a little R&R at a lake house with Jeff's parents. There is no internet access there so I (obviously) haven't been able to update the ole' blog.

Judah has especially been loving all the attention. On Sunday we had a big dinner and both his Nana AND his Gramma (Ama) were there, plus his Papa and his Grandpa (Apa). He was in hog heaven with all those people around to love on him and play with him.

Sadly, I had to work this afternoon so I couldn't enjoy the apparently beautiful day we're having. It rained all day yesterday, but today looked nice.

I will admit that during our long, hot summers I get very tired of living in South Carolina. But it does occasionally have its advantages - like being able to swim in the lake (comfortably) in the month of October.


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