Photo update, part 1.

We had a fabulous time with Jeff's parents. I know Judah will miss his "Ama" and "Appa".

I started to download the photos from the week so I could do a little editing and realized I had over 600 photos that I haven't yet downloaded. Going back to late August. Oops. Since they weren't off the camera, they obviously haven't yet been blogged. So I'll be doing some blog updates over the next few days to catch up.

We decided to put Judah in a nursery school this year. He goes three mornings a week to a local Baptist church. I think he really enjoys it. His teacher is wonderful and he is already talking more. I was fairly conflicted about it, but I've had to work more this fall and I knew that Jeff would appreciate having a little more time to get his work done while I'm at work. Jeff has been preaching at two different churches this fall, plus he recently started teaching a Wednesday night Bible study so he has needed it. I am also enjoying having a bit more free time, myself. I've gone to the gym alone, had friends over for sewing parties, and been able to schedule doctor's visits without worrying about Judah having to come along. It's been nice.

Anyway, here are some photos to celebrate his first day. If I were a good, creative mom, I'd have him holding some sort of chalkboard with the words "First day of Preschool" or something written on it. But, as is usual, we were running a little late. Judah's hair isn't even combed. But he's a cute guy anyway.


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