I remember so well how during my last pregnancy, I was not going to complain. After waiting and praying for a long time to finally be pregnant, I was not going to mind the nausea, the heartburn, or whatever other aches and pains came my way. And so I didn't.

This pregnancy has been different. Of course, I'm two years older now which I know makes a difference. Plus I'm chasing around an energetic two year old. (Although I'm working less than I was then, so I'm not really sure how that evens out.) But this has overall been a tougher pregnancy for me.

Maybe it's just my attitude. This was a completely unexpected pregnancy, one that surprised us after we were well on our way to expanding our family by adoption. Since we weren't exactly looking for it, it is easier to forget what a blessing pregnancy is. And so I find myself grumbling, grumbling about the nausea that seemed worse this time, the pelvic pain and low back pain that makes walking painful, the heartburn. Oh the heartburn. All I have to say now is that I'm very, very thankful for nexium which has revolutionized my life.

But I don't want to complain. I want to choose instead to be thankful for the tiny (and not-so-tiny) kicks and wiggles that I feel in the morning, the good excuse I have not to run, and the excitement of welcoming a tiny new addition to our family in a few short months.


MJUnderwood said…
We can't wait to meet Little Tell! Even if it is through pictures. :)
Stacey said…
Just want you to know I can so relate to this post! I'm also so overjoyed with this second opportunity and trying not to complain although it has been a tougher time. Chasing a 2 year old certainly keeps you on your toes! :)

Very happy for you and can't wait to hear the news of baby's arrival.

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