Seattle, part 1

I know I posted some of my iPhone photos of our trip, but as I was editing I came across some other good ones.

We really had a wonderful time. It was nice getting away, especially since things are going to change a lot around here in the next few months.

The first day we woke up reaallly early (thank you, 3 hour time change!) and were actually out of our hotel before 7. I figured that since Pike's place market is sort of like a farmer's market, it would open early. I was mistaken. It doesn't open until 9.

 Thankfully, the original Starbuck's does open early, so we stopped there before the crowd arrived. 

Then we walked down by the water and took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island before coming back to town where we could then enjoy the market. The ferry was probably was of the most fun things we did in Seattle - we had awesome views of the city, the island, and a very hazy, ghost-like Mt. Ranier.


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