I am definitely starting to get the itch to get a little more prepared for this baby. The last few weeks have been a little busy, but this week I am finally getting some time to do a little bit around the house.

The biggest project that I have in front of me is getting Judah's new room ready. I am not making a new nursery, as I still love the one we have. We are going to move Judah into a new room - my current sewing/craft room. (I will miss having one of those....) Of course in order to do that, I have to actually purge and be able to move the sewing stuff into a corner of our guest room. (We have a very large guest room that has room for my sewing table.) Today I started project purge. I am happy to say that I am getting rid of 4-5 huge bags of stuff. I've culled down my fabric stash, found a bunch of stuff to donate to our hospice store, and gotten a big bag of scraps ready to donate to Judah's nursery school. I also boxed up an entire bookshelf of books to put into our attic as they are books I've already read and shouldn't need for a while. Hopefully we won't have to unpack them until we move somewhere else.

I am feeling much better about the room - I can't do much more until we actually move my sewing table. And I can't move my sewing table until we get rid of the couch that is currently in the guest room. Then we can get the room painted and really get to work on it. I am still trying to decide exactly how much I want to do in there as we are still hoping and praying that we will be moving soon. I am definitely going to be painting - it's a dark red color right now - but that might be about it until we have a better idea about how much longer we'll be in this house.

I joked with Jeff that sometimes cleaning my sewing room looks a lot like sewing because as I clean I come across nearly-completed projects. I have finished a few of them during this purge which helps me get things put away and satisfies my crafty itch.

I also did my first bit of baby-related sewing. I'm making a very, very simple small quilt - simple as in one piece of fabric for the front and one piece for the back. I got it all quilted today and ordered some additional fabric to make the binding from. Photos will be posted when I finish!

Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive as today.


Sue Tell said…
Love your room ideas ~ but sad you are getting rid of the couch.

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