Some things.

These shorts little snippets of posts are not as satisfying to write as the longer, soul-searching, deeply thought out posts I used to write more of, but these days this is about all the energy I have.

1. Judah has a nasty cold. He cried over lunch yesterday because Jeff wiped his nose and wouldn't stop crying until Jeff finally left to come home. I felt bad for the other doctors who were eating lunch in the same area. Then he apparently came home and slept for five hours. That is some kind of record even for my very excellent sleeper.

2. Work has been crazy busy this week, with close to 40 patients total on our list, meaning that I have had between 18 and 20 to round on every day. Today it was a little better, but sheesh, it has been an exhasuting week. The last couple of months I have been working essentially full time because of some other doctors in our practice leaving. I am looking forward to going back to part time starting next month.

3. Jeff's parents are coming to see us this week! We are very excited to spend some time with them, and excited that Judah will get to spend some time with them, too. It is always a treat when they come and visit and I'm thankful I'm not working this week so I'll get to enjoy them.

4. The following phrases are overheard a little too often around our house:
   "Mama, watch you poo-poo." (Said when Judah wants some company in the bathroom. He still refers to himself as "you" instead of "me")
   "Mama, pee pee outside" (His new obsession - peeing in the grass when we're outside)
    "Push that poo-poo out!" (He apparently likes to give himself pep talks when trying to finish business.)

5. I doubt this will happen again anytime soon, but I woke up before 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. (Well, that will happen again now that I'm entering the third trimester!) So I convinced myself to go to the gym before work. I remembered that I do like working out early, although I'm going to have to go to bed much earlier before this becomes a regular occurrence.


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