Living room revamp.

I am not a decorator. I am crafty, but when I check out websites like this one, I am in awe of others' abilities to arrange things in such a pleasing way. I feel like I need someone to come to my house and tell me where to put things, but I don't want to actually pay anyone to. So, all that said, I have not been pleased with the decorating scheme in my living recently. A few months ago, we got a new chair, and ever since then I wasn't satisfied with the layout. I actually think a big part of the problem was that for a long time after getting the new chair, I never got rid of our old one, even though that was the plan. This caused the room to feel cluttered because there was just too much furniture. Out went that old chair, along with two other wooden chairs that were not being used to sit on. Immediately it felt better. But I still wasn't happy.I especially haven't been satisfied with my "mantle". I put that word into quotations because it isn't like a real mantle, but is instead this awkward triangular-shaped space that I couldn't do anything with. Exhibit A: but maybe imagine it looking more cluttered since I actually had already started my rearrangement when I thought to snap a "before" picture. And I apologize in advance that these iPhone pictures leave a lot to be desired.

See - awkward blah space.

What I decided to do was create more of a traditional mantle by moving a mirror hanging elsewhere in my living room. I also found a few other things to put in front. Although it's still a work in progress, I'm really loving the new arrangement.

Items in front include a vase that was sitting on a shelf in my craft room, my button trees, a $5 Hobby Lobby letter painted black, a silhouette of Judah, and some beach glass in a jar we had sitting around on another table in the living room.

Since I moved that mirror, I had a big empty space to fill on another wall. A few weeks ago I made a book page wreath inspired by this one here. Since I relocated my mirror, I finally had a good place to hang it.

The room isn't perfect, but I am happy about the direction it's going. And a big thanks goes out to Sue, my MIL, who helped do LOTS of rearranging in my house this week while she was here. Now I need to post photos of my sewing room transformation....


Sue Tell said…
Aubrey, I LOVE your new mantle.
And truly I followed your lead with helping to re-arrange. I'm soooo thankful to have been there and be a part of who God created you to be!

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