Good Links.

I feel like I haven't had much to say lately. I guess that's just how it is sometimes. In lieu of an actual content-filled post, here are some good links.

1. Ever since sixyearmed stopped posting (sniff), I've been missing reading good medical content told from a Christian perspective. Enter Ali's African Adventures. I have been reading this blog intermittently for a few years now. Ali is now back on the Mercy Ships serving in Sierra Leone right now. You really should check out her blog for some fantastic stuff.

Not that I necessarily agree with all his theology, but Mark Driscoll might be one of the smartest men I know of. Need Proof? Here is what his sermon notes look like.

Need a fairly healthy snack? Try this cookie dough dip, which is made with chickpeas. Jeff wasn't really a fan, but I am digging it. I think it would be even tastier with some added cocoa. And I'd recommend using mini chocolate chips, or some good dark chocolate chopped up into fairly small pieces.

Al Mohler has some rather thoughtful commentary about what happened at Penn State this week. Since everything I've ever read by him is thoughtful commentary, this doesn't surprise me.


Anonymous said…
Those notes explain a lot. I'm not impressed that he doesn't prepare well. My complaint about him has been that his sermons are more focused on his opinions than anything else.

Jeff Tell said…

I'm not sure its true that he "doesn't prepare well" since in the blog post he says he studies "a ton" leading up to the sermon.

I use to share your misgiving about him preaching his opinion more than anything else. But as I've listened to him more, I've decided that the 'opinion' sermons are more the exception than the rule. (and no doubt he would argue that what I call 'opinion' he would call 'application based on biblical conviction.')

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