Judah update.

Well, it's been a while since I've talked about what all Judah is up to. And even though he STILL hasn't had his 18-month well check (scheduled for next week!), I thought I'd go ahead and post something today.

I'd say we are still on the slow end of language development, but are finally starting to get somewhere. He continues to sign a lot, but yesterday actually said "please" when he signed it. He was asking for a french fry which is probably his favorite food, so I'm guessing he was extra motivated to actually use words. He also sometimes says "all done" (ah uh) when he is through eating. I'm happy that he is also doing more mimicking of the words we try to get him to say, but he doesn't do that consistently yet. He knows lots of animal sounds. Actually when I try to get him to say "cow" he will say "mmmm" which is his word for "moo." Same thing with duck, sheep, dog, monkey, and owl. He still loves making car sounds and will now also make a train sound "chh-chh" that is adorable. His current favorite word is probably "boom" which he will say if he falls, if he tries to push his stroller into my leg, or right now as I hear him plopping down in his crib onto his bottom. He says "yes" (ehth), and shakes his head vigorously for "no." I really try not to worry about his language. Even though he doesn't actually say much, he communicates very well. But when I see and hear about kids younger than him who have bigger vocabs, it's hard not to worry a little. I realize, though, that he is his own person and will learn things at his own pace.

His eating habits continue to improve. For the longest time, the only meat he would eat was sausage or bacon. (I love pig, too, so I can't really blame him.) Yesterday, though, he ate chicken fingers from Chick-fil-A! Today's lunch consisted of a few bites of couscous and an entire can of olives. (The olive eating he definitely didn't get from me. I can't stand the things. That one is pure Jeff) Yogurt and cheese are still staples. He loves peas, corn, broccoli (usually), and occasionally carrots. I was also pleased that he seems to like black beans now too. Breakfast is still is favorite meal of the day.

He is such a funny kid. He loves laughing and especially gets tickled during his bath when he tries to squirt me with the bath toys. He also loves chasing Lucy with things like the broom or his popper, but we are trying to break him of that habit. He is getting better and better at obeying and listening to us

He is starting to enjoy scribbling with crayons. He loves using a spoon to eat and actually operates it quite well. He continues to (normally) be a great napper, although I'm currently listening to him fuss in his room. He has 8 teeth, 6 on top and only 2 on bottom.

I've decided that parenting changes as your child ages, but I can't decide if it gets harder or easier. I love that he sleeps through the night and doesn't eat every 3 hours, but knowing how to deal with a tantrum and deciding when and how to discipline is tough. I do know that it definitely gets more fun. I am excited about how he'll continue to change and develop!


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