I've recently gotten on a clothes-sewing kick. I'm not sure why, other than seeing some cute kids clothes being made on some different craft blogs.

Sometimes people I meet are surprised that I like to sew and I sometimes get asked, "How do you do it all?" The truth is that even though I manage to sew and make things, there are other areas that sometimes get neglected. Like cleaning. I am not a slob, but I have slightly more tolerance for clutter than the average person. So I'm guessing that my house is probably dirtier than yours. I meant to take a photograph of my sewing room as proof, but totally forgot. Since I'm in Edgefield today I couldn't really remedy it. Whenever I sew a lot, my craft room rapidly degrades into a total disaster that looks like a fabric store threw up.

Anyway...on to the photos! First up, more shorts for Judah! I loved this madras fabric and have another color waiting to be cute. The shorts are a little on the snug side, so the next pair I'm going to cut a little bigger. And try to match the stripes a little better.
I also made a dress for myself! I haven't made clothing for myself since med school, but I was thinking it would be nice to have another fun summer dress or two. Plus I have been wanting to attempt to conquer my fear of patterns. Here is my first attempt. I wore it with a sweater to church, but it was so comfy I left it on the rest of the day. (And yes, I am rocking a headband. Haven't worn one of those in years.)

Here it is without the sweater, although this angle makes my little post-baby belly more obvious. Sigh. We are currently on a get-the-belly-smaller campaign. So just ignore it. :)

This was my first time successfully working with knits, and I'm excited about making another knit dress or two to wear this summer. I'll keep you posted. I did also make a tunic-looking dress I'm going to use as a swim suit cover this summer, but didn't photograph it yet. Hopefully you will see more pattern/garment sewing from now on....


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