Mother's Day thoughts.

Mother's (Mothers'?) Day was less than picturesque this year.

Instead of being awoken gently to the aromas of a beautiful breakfast in bed, I was roughly pulled from sleep in the middle of the night to the sound of Jeff caught in the throws of an awful GI bug. The only thing worse than listening to someone barf is actually doing it yourself. Thankfully, the GI bug already passed my way but did not leave me hugging the porcelain throne.

Since Jeff still felt bad this morning, I went to church with Judah by myself. Determined to make the most of it, I picked up some take-out Thai on the way home and a vanilla diet coke from Sonic. I ate lunch by myself, while trying to coax Judah into eating something besides crackers or cheese. (I was less than successful.) I did manage to get a short nap during Judah's afternoon snooze. Then Judah and I played outside in the backyard while Jeff continued to recover.

I was talking to my own mom this afternoon and she was saying that she was sorry that I had a less than perfect mother's day. (Sadly, thanks to our very cute germ factory and her very kind offer to watch him on thursday, she also spent her mother's day caught in the midst of the same GI bug. Judah does seem to be a very efficient disease vector.) Of course, it would have been wonderful to have a hot breakfast and flowers by the bedside and an afternoon free of maternal responsibilities. But, as I told her, any day with Judah is better than any day without him.

I'm so thankful to be a mom.


Sue Tell said…
Gosh, that was kind of the Tell day all the way around.

As you know we started our day (not counting the 2 am start with dad in acute pain) at the weekend dr clinic ... whatever you call that. The same dr who was counseling me yesterday tended to Bill today.

Just got an email from Dave and Hannah; their car broke down in Carthage, MO on the way home from visiting Hannah's grandma and mom in Arkansas. Still don't know what's going on there.

Anonymous said…
Happy Mother's Day!!

So sorry about all the illness!! Take comfort in the fact that you all did not have it at the same time...back in January ALL 5 of us got a horrible GI bug (the 72 hour kind) within 4 days. Yikes!!

Maybe next Sunday you can have a "redo" complete with breakfast in bed and a free afternoon!
Jen Clary :)

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