1 year update, part 2.

In my last post, I completely forgot to mention all the other fun things Judah is doing, many of which are so boyish it suprises me:
1. He has just started to love building things with blocks. He still loves toppling over what he builds, but also will stack his own creations.
2. He will push a car back and forth across his belly while making a car noise. I'm pretty sure I didn't teach him how to do it. Maybe Jeff did? Did he just pick it up from watching cars drive by? I'm not sure. But it's adorable.
3. He heard me toot the other day and laughed out loud.
4. He loves to pick out and bring me books for him to read. (I LOVE this!) His favorite books are: 1. A book called Tails 2. An Usborne book with lots of truck pictures 3. A book with three rubber frogs on it that stretch out  4. Good Night, Moon. 5. A few books that have these peek-a-boo flaps with animals behind them. If I start reading him a book he isn't interested in, he'll close it shut and point to the bookshelf and pick a different one out.
5. He loves pushing things around - like his basket, his chair, or the stroller.
6.  In the last two or three days, Judah has really started walking by himself a lot more. Even without encouragement from us, he'll choose to walk small distances. Hooray for Judah!
7. The downside of seeing more of Judah's personality is that he is showing much more openly that he was born a sinner, just like his mommy.


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