Top TV shows on the TV in patient rooms in the hospital.

Sometimes, when someone refuses to leave the hospital, I joke that we should "accidentally" break their TV. I sometimes get the feeling that hospital rooms are so nice with great cable that it encourages people to stay and lounge even if they're better.  That said, here is what I most often see on TV when I enter a patient room.

1. Law and Order. (Is there any hour of the day where this is not showing?)
2. Saved by the Bell. (Ditto.)
3. Judge Judy (Or insert your other favorite Judge show.)
4. Maury. (What could be better than finding out the identity of the baby daddy to a cross dressing prostitute?)
5. Obnoxious kid cartoons. (Seriously, I am frequently surprised to see normal-seeming adults watching various cartoons with no kids in sight.)
6. Cops. (Not feeling anxious enough from being cooped up in a hospital room while getting IV medicine/lab draws/ hearing code blues being called at all hours of the night? Let's watch people yell at each other and get arrested at gun point. That should help.

What would you want to watch or listen to in the hospital?


Aubrey said…
I'll start. I loved getting to listen to a few episodes of this american life while I was laboring with Judah.

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