1 year update.

We finally took Judah for his 1 year well visit this past week.

Stats: Head 50 cm, 99%, Length - 31.25 in, 85%, Weight 22 lbs, 50%.
I was glad his weight had rebounded some after his last checkup, when he had dropped off the curve a bit. Not surprisingly, his head is still HUGE. And his fontanelle isn't even closed yet, so it's only going to get bigger.

Judah now is the proud owner of 3-almost-4 teeth. His second top tooth is just about to break through, which has made for some slightly fussier than normal days.

He is super close to walking. He will take 6 to 8 steps at a time, if we encourage him, but still prefers to cruise or crawl. He did finally start crawling on all fours, though he will still sometimes break down into his army scoot. He mostly wants to walk holding onto one finger.

His love of anything carbohydrate-related is unparalleled. As is his love of cheese. And bananas. I still have a hard time getting him to eat veggies, but then randomly he'll eat a ton. He will not drink milk. He still nurses twice a day and loves yogurt and cheese, so hopefully he'll start to enjoy milk soon. I'm sort of worried about weaning him since he won't drink any milk yet. Any ideas for getting him to take it?

One thing I always assumed before I really had kids is that it would be easy to know when to say "Oh yes, Judah's walking," or "His first word is '_____'". He does walk some, but not much unless we make him. It's also hard to know if the babbling he is saying is actually a word or not. He has said "wa-wa" a couple of time when I have his water cup. I'm not convinced that wasn't accidental. He also sometimes sounds like he might be saying "all done" by saying "ah-uh" when he finishes eating. I'm not sure. But he definitely pointed to our kitchen counter, said "Na-na" and signed the word "please" for Jeff yesterday, asking for a banana.  He is getting good at signing now - he can sign "please," "all done," and "more." What other signs have you all found useful?

He is definitely getting more and more fun. He loves being outside and swinging in his swing. He really is also very affectionate and loving. I love seeing him love on and hug things, especially when he cuddles with me. A close second is watching him hug his daddy. He also loves to hug and cuddle some of his stuffed animals, which just warms my heart, because I know that kids aren't born knowing how to hug. It's something they learn. He does get an awful lot of hugs around here, that's for sure.

He hated getting his shots and was just bawling afterward. Then our nurse gave him a stick with two stickers and on and it made it better. Then we went and got him a muffin and it was really all better.

And that's our boy at one.


Katie said…
For mine, the first tries at milk were not well accepted either and I think the temperature was part of it. If they are only used to breastmilk at body temp, it must be a strange sensation. That's all I could come up with.
Annie said…
I have one child who loves milk, another child who hates it, and a third who will drink a little bit. But, I love milk, and Keith rarely drinks it, so it may be just a taste issue. It might be something Judah grows into. I would think the yogurt and cheese would cover any calcium needs.

We've been doing baby signs with Ruby, primarily because her speech is delayed because of her hearing loss. She knows: milk, more, drink (for a sippy of water), eat, cat, and we're working on book, open, help, please and thank you. I wish I had done a few signs with my older girls now!
Kelly Shealy said…
I am an evil Mom because with Noah I made him go cold turkey to milk and after 4 days of drinking almost nothing he gave in and never turned back. With Liam I was more gentle, mixing it with his formula for a few weeks - gradually doing less formula, more milk. One day he was just drinking a bottle of all milk. (Now on to making him drink from a cup!) I do think letting the milk be closer to room temperature helps them accept it. Who knows?! The good news is that it sounds like Judah is a good eater so however long it takes him to figure out milk I am sure it will be fine. He is such a cutie - love reading about all the great stuff he is doing!
Emilie said…
I don't have any tips on the milk. :) But I would say that he has learned the most useful signs. Those are the 3 that Joseph used the most and the 3 we've taught Jacob. I would also say that Judah is probably talking more than you realize. It took me awhile to pick up on words that Joseph was saying because I wasn't used to baby talk. I went to visit a friend with him when he was about Jacob's age now and she pointed out all the words he was saying because she was used to interpreting her girls. I am picking up on Jacob's words a lot easier now.
I wish we didn't live so far away so I could meet your sweet boy!!!
Gray said…
I don't have any advice about milk either; Hamilton just always loved it. But I totally understand about eating veggies a lot and then not eating them. Hamilton does that still with lots of foods.

As for signs, those three are good ones, and HELP is a good one. That sign saved both Hamilton and me a lot of frustration, and it cut down on his whining. Hamilton's first sign was DOG, and it was his first spoken word too (besides Mama and Dada). It was also the first word that he'd say and sign together. It might be worth teaching to Judah, since y'all have a dog too.

Glad Judah had a good checkup!
The Balls said…
none of my girls transitioned to milk! kennedy & ellison will drink chocolate milk now, but avery still doesn't like it. they all love cheese, yogurt & ice cream, so i never worried about it too much. there's always the argument that you don't really absorb calcium best from milk anyways?

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