Postcards, Days 6 & 7.

I have never, ever been on a more beautiful stretch of road that where we've been driving the last two days. We watched sea otters play in the surf this morning. We drove over the Golden Gate bridge this afternoon. Now we are settled in with Aunt Ruth Ellen up near Sacramento. Photos to come later.

Jeff and Aubrey


RT said…
Oh man. Now I'm longing to be out in CA, too! My dad grew up in Santa Barbara (not too shabby, eh?) and my mom grew up in Key Biscayne. I am... drop dead in the middle of the country.

Enjoy the vacation!
Ken Shomo said…
I'm looking forward to the pictures... but isn't God's creation amazing? He has definitely worked it out so you really have to be there to fully appreciate it the magnitude of the beauty. We can never fully capture it in a picture (though enough will be captured to make all your friends jealous!).

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