Day 4 -- a few random thoughts.

2 deliveries!! I got 2 deliveries today! Finally. This is why I came - to get more deliveries. So yay.

I've been working the 3-11pm shift. I think this might just about the perfect shift for me. I can sleep in a little, get up, run, breakfast, and whatever else I can fit in, then go to work, come home, and go to bed about at the normal time I usually end up getting in bed. But then I don't have to set an alarm. I just sleep until I wake up. It's perfect.

Last night when I was leaving at 11pm, I walked out of the hospital to the sound of taps being played over loud speakers. Yet another thing that never happens at Self.

I'm glad there are no OB residents at our hospital.

I miss my husband. And the always-full glass of water he keeps on his nightstand.


Anonymous said…
Just within the last couple of days, I was thinking I wish I could work the 3 - 11 shift - for all the reasons you mentioned. Interesting!

Colorado Connie

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