Military tidbits.

1. If you want to do anything on a military base, you will need to fill out a form. And all the forms are numbered and lettered.

"I need to get access to the computer system," I say.
"Well, ma'am, have you filled out forms H953N-4 and PD26?"
"Um.... I filled out several forms today."
"How about form G57?"
(That is how the conversation goes. I never have ANY clue whether or not I've filled out the form. So then they would send me to a different office. You can see why my first day was not fun.)

2. Everything in the military also has some kind of acronym. Here is a small taste of what being around here is like.

"How do I find the number to the lab?"
"You should call the AOD."
"The what?"
"The AOD. The number is right here."

(AOD = Administrative Officer on Duty - I looked this one up today.)

3. I also decided to google "army symbols" so I'd have at least some kind of clue about what all the different badges mean, since previously, all I basically knew was that people who wore 5 stars were really high up. Another resident clued me in that if they have three of the upside down "v"s or anything higher, they are a sargeant.

And if all else fails, just tell them you are a civilian.


Ed Eubanks said…
This reminds me of that scene in Good Morning, Vietnam when Sgt. Major Dickerson (played by J.T. Walsh) says to Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams):

"Son, do you know what 'three-up, three-down' means?"

Cronauer: "the end of an inning?"

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