Day 2....

....was much, much better than Day 1. Thanks so much for praying - I was able to get my computer access, take the class, then spent all day up on the labor deck, after successfully getting access to the scrub machine and my badge that lets me get onto the floor. Sadly, I still didn't deliver any babies, but that was mostly just because none of the patients that I followed delivered before I left. But I did do some other fun things and got to see a lot of patients. Tomorrow, I'm working from 3-11, and will be the only FP resident on at that time, so hopefully I'll get some more.

I'm also really noticing the differences between an OB-GYN approach to delivering babies, and an FP approach. The doctors I worked with today were super nice, but they just have a different mind set about birth than my attendings at home. I certainly learned some things today, and I think it's good to get a different perspective on things.

And remember why I went into family medicine in the first place.


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