I am a PC

Aubrey and I finally broke down and bought a new computer this week. Here are the salient talking points...

1. After much discussion and debate we decided on a PC over a Mac. Price was the primary consideration. Available software was the second consideration. I think we got a really good deal, and it sure is nice to having a fully functional computer again.

2. We bought it from Circuit City late Thursday night. And Friday morning we saw that Circuit City announced it will be closing all its stores effective immediately. Hmmm. Oh well, no regrets. According to CC the warranty is covered by a third party so it will still be good.

3. I was amazed at how much computer you can get for so little money these days. Wow... technology. What will they think of next?

4. Finally, all this replacing of things (car last fall, now computer) has made me realize how much I tend to resist change. Even changes from cheap thing to nice thing. I tend to stick with what I got. Por Exemplo: Until last fall I was still driving the same car I got when I was sixteen years old. We were still using the same laptop despite its host of problems, such as being hooked up to an external monitor because the screen was broken. I still wear the same golf shoes I bought in high school. I still use the email account Keith helped me set up in the summer of 1997. I'm only on my second cell phone, which isn't quite as impressive, but there was an unfortunate "incident" with the first one at the beach. All of which to say, I tend to use things until they are absolutely unuseable before I replace them.

5. Hooray for new computer!


Ken Shomo said…
Whenever I send you an email, I think to myself, "This can't be right, can it?"
abram.rampey said…
weren't you guys thinking about getting a new computer like a year ago? didn't you have a post on the blog about whether to get a pc or become mac snobs?
Jeff said…
Abram, quite perceptive of you. We were thinking about replacing the computer last spring, but then it mysteriously starting working better, so we delayed. Lately it started working worse, so it is finally going the way of all computers.
Banana said…
bro--what did you get? H and I are still in the market for a good laptop for Hannah. dt

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