Hello 2009

We're back in SC with lots of pictures on our camera, clothes to unpack, and some fun new presents. Also some post-vacation fatigue (PVF, for short) as we didn't get home until 1:30. (Thank you, flight delays!) And of course, work started for me at 7am today. Although I didn't, ahem, get there until 7:45.

Colorado was great, of course, and wintery. I had even prayed for snow, which I realize is silly, but I love snow and was hoping to see some before coming home. And wouldn't you know it, Saturday night, the flakes started drifting down and we awoke a 2 or so inches of the pristine white stuff on Sunday morning. Just enough to remind me what a great God I serve, who cares about me enough to give me some snow, but not so much that Dave and Hannah had bad roads for their drive home to Kansas.

Thank you, Father! Which is probably the best thing to write to start off this new year - not focusing on things I want to change, but instead reminding myself of the beauty and blessings that surround me.


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