Jeff's Rules O' Life

Some might call them idiosyncracies, I call them just plain smart. Three incontrovertible rules gleaned from years of experience. They are as follows...

1. Never buy a book with a picture of the author on the cover. Caveat: If the author is dead, then it becomes acceptable. But no living authors should have their picture on the cover of their book. See for yourself if this is not true. How many great books have a picture of the living author on the cover?

2. Never buy more groceries than you can carry in one trip. For the many years I lived in upstairs apartments this was a hard and fast rule. I admit I fudge on it occasionally now that our garage is so close to the kitchen. Although with plastic bags and resilient fingers one can carry quite a few bags in one trip.

3. Never, ever, ought one to wait for someone to get in their car and back out of a close parking spot if another spot is available, even if it is far away. Aubrey thinks I'm weird for this, but I just won't do it. I think its a pride thing.


But I like Dean Koontz! And Robert Parker! Their pictures are always on the cover!

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