It Snew!!!

We probably won't be making a snow man or anything today, but still, it snew! We are quite excited. Some of the local schools are even starting late today, which is a tad ridiculous. Now all of you in the wintery northern climes can see that we in SC also have to deal with the fierce depth of winter. Good thing we have plenty of canned goods here in the house.


Ken Shomo said…

We were promised - or rather, warned - that we would get 2-5 inches today in Virginia Beach.

As it turns out, we got less snow than you, which is to say, it didn't snow here at all.

So your pics are looking pretty wintery from this vantage point.

Ken Shomo said…
Forgot to say the most important thing (Cheryl reminded me) --

They CLOSED the schools here!
The Balls said…
wow, i thought your area was getting more than this? well, any amount is pretty great! kennedy was SO hoping to have it snow today...i think she thought santa would be coming back if it snowed.
abram.rampey said…
it snowed all of 30 minutes at school and everyone FREAKED out. I knew it would be a let down. At least you guys got a nice dusting

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