Handmade Christmas, part 2.

I had a little too much fun making felt food for my niece and nephew. This was probably the funnest thing to sew. And you can bet that felt food will be making more appearances around holidays. Just so you know, the top picture is bacon, eggs, and toast with jam. The second one is two sandwiches, one with turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and the other one with PB and J. And the bottom is pizza (which hopefully was obvious) with pepperoni, mushroom, and green pepper pieces, none of which are sewn down so it can be made in numerous flavors.

There were a few other things I made that I forgot to photograph, including two journals (one for Jeff's mom, and one for his dad) based on this idea. They both write lots of notecards, so I made them each a little cloth folder to keep a pen, notecards, envelopes, and stamps, to make it easy to slide into luggage or just pick up and take to the coffee shop. I'm very pleased to say that the one I made for Jeff's dad is easily the most manly thing I've ever sewn, made of blue and dark brown corduroy with a magnetic snap to close. Maybe Mom will read this and can send me a photo of them to post here. We then filled them with some homemade notecards of some of the photos we've taken over the years. A rather well-executed gift, if I do say so myself.

I must admit, even though it creates added stress, I love the time spent creating gifts for the people I love. Maybe next year I'll get started a little sooner. And since I totally scored this book for Christmas (Thanks D & H!!) I now have some more ideas for next year!


RT said…
Aubrey, your play food is amazing!!! Your niece and nephew are blessed. Also, I love the notecard journal idea. I'm always wanting to write notes while have "me" time at a local coffeehouse. That journal would be just the thing for someone like me.

So, are you selling on Etsy? : )
Megan said…
Those are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Well done, Dr. Crafty!
Alecia said…
I am sooo impressed! These are awesome, Aubrey. And, just so you know, Micah's love for the penguin you gave him has been renewed, with a vengeance.
The Balls said…
SO cute & amazing!! the girls got a little kitchen for christmas, so i'll have to make them some felt food! i was going to buy some of that plastic food, but thought i'd rather not be picking that up throughout the house! felt food, that wouldn't be bad. did you use any velcro? i think i'll definitely use velcro to help eliminate the scattering! and i love that book you got...i need to go to barnes & noble.
The Scooper said…
Hey girl! So happy to know you have a blog. It's going on my list.
Yes, I've been helping Michelle dress her nest a bit. It's such a great house...just needs some frugal updating.

Can't wait to read your blog. LOVE the felt food!!! My kids would so get into that.

Hope you and Jeff are doing well.
The Scooper said…
Just one more...

LOVE the bag you made. Does the book you referenced require actual sewing? If so, can someone who has never sewed (sewn?) do it?

I wish I could sew. Alas, I've never learned. I am armed and dangerous though with a hot glue gun.

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