A list and a picture.

10 people I would like to be more like.

1. Tim Keller
2. John Piper
3. Bryan Chapell
4. J.I. Packer
5. Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes)
6. Donald Miller
7. Will Hunting
8. Howard Roark
9. John Frame
10. Huckleberry Finn

As interesting as the list is, all by itself, to make all the more sure that this post has a broad appeal to our readership, I will also include a photo from our recent trip. We went to Ikea, and we almost lost our nephew in all the blue balls....

Who would you like to be more like?


Anonymous said…
You need to quit calling me Huckleberry Finn!!

Fin works just fine.
Anonymous said…
that last one was from me,
Mark Finn.
Ken Shomo said…
I think this is a very interesting question...

Aside from those on your list, I thought of these.

I would like to be more like N.T. Wright because he is a prolific, scholarly, and gifted writer. He can write for the layperson or scholar and should be respected by each.

I would like to be more like Matt Redman because he has thought about, wrote about, and engaged in worship in a more profound way than I have; and he can play an instrument.

I would like to be like Rush Limbaugh because he has a radio show with many listeners, knows what he believes and holds to it firmly.

I would like to be more like Smarty because she is really fit and muscular.

I would like to be more like Jonathan Edwards because it was said of him, he always made a significant contribution to each discussion he engaged in.

I would like to be more like Jeff Tell because he has contacts in Colorado.

I would like to be more like Mark Jicinsky because if he gets behind the wheel of a pickup he doesn't look like he's playing pretend; and because he's humble.

I would like to be more like Dean Gavaris because he loves the gospel far more than himself.

Jeff said…
Ken, excellent additions. I had thought about giving reasons, but decided the list would be more thought provoking without them. And thats really what this blog is all about. Provoking thought.

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