Good Kid's music

While listening to a great audio journal recently, I heard an interview with a Christian musician, Jamie Soles, who writes music for kids. I was exceedingly impressed with all he had to say. Then, I got to hear a sample of his kid's music. It was fantastic--strongly biblical with fun, quirky tunes that are sure to stick in your head. (In the best way possible.) The songs aren't silly, but at the same time are written in a way that will allow kids to learn some good theology and have fun at the same time. He writes about all kinds of stories in the Bible, not just the more popular, well known stories that are often conveyed to children the same way fables are: with short, pithy moral statements about sharing or obeying. These are deep. So.....that being said, you can order CDs off his website, or pay to download the mp3 files.

Jeff and I don't have kids yet, but these songs are so fun, I'm sure I would enjoy listening to them. The only reason I haven't downloaded them yet is that the cash flow is a little tight around here right now, and kid's music doesn't exactly make the cut for things we really need. I also have a suspicion they may be making an appearance as Christmas or birthday presents for our nephew and niecephew (arriving in a month or so) when they are old enough to enjoy listening to fun, kid music.

So check out the website, listen to a few song samples, like this one, or this one. Support this Godly musician and teach your kids some theology at the same time. Works for me!

See the other great tips over at Shannon's.

oh yeah....and about the audio journal. You can sign up for free to get these quarterly CDs. I'm a huge listener of NPR, and often find myself sitting in the driveway listening to the end of a story I'm enjoying. I do the SAME THING when I'm listening to St. Anne's Pub, even though it's a CD and I can listen to it anytime. There are quotes, interviews, stories - both fictional and real, and good music. Plus it's all Christian and very thought-provoking. So that works for me as well.


emily faulkner said…
Thanks so much Aubrey. I have been thinking lately that we need some good music about the Lord for Brenna. She loves music and as of yet we don't have any about the Lord and the Bible. I have already bought an mp3 album!
Jennifer said…
Anonymous said…
This sounds like great kids' music (good for VBS too). Is it bad to mention that the man singing along with the kids sounds a LITTLE bit like Kermit the Frog?

I better post this anonymously just to be safe.

Aubrey said…
If you want to hear a Christian musician who really sounds like Kermit, check out some of the early CDs by Andrew Peterson. They are great, but he really sounds like kermit.
Kermit de frog said…
Kermit-de-from here. Now I sound like kermit blogging.

Anonymous said…
St. Ann’s Pub is great, (St. Ann’s Publication for all the tea totalers). Great refreshing serving of Bottomless better than NPR.

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