Brief thoughts on the wonder of God's economy.

Sometimes you just have to stand back in awe and wonder at how well God has designed the world. For instance, tonight I was getting ready to fry up a couple of eggs for dinner. Fried eggs are a common practice for Sunday night dinners around our house. I got out a pan, turned on the stove, and wondered what sort of grease product I should use to make sure the eggs didn't stick to the pan. Upon looking in the fridge, it hit me. Bacon. Bacon is the perfect food. It is delicious, and as you fry it, it auto-greases the pan so you can cook your eggs carefree. It goes perfectly with eggs, and eggs cooked in a post-bacon pan taste better than baconfree eggs. Sometimes you just have to marvel at how well the world works.

In other news... I preached this weekend. Which of course meant donning my suit. Somehow I have one pair of suit pants, and three suit jackets. All black. I never know which jacket I should wear. They all look the same to me (except one has different buttons), but still I assume that one must be the best one to wear. As I was investigating which jacket was the best, I realized I could identify each one by the wedding program that was still in the inside pocket. Thus I could choose between the Cy-n-Carissa(2006), the Jill-n-Don(2003), or the Jason-n-Margeret (2005). I ended up wearing the Cy-n-Carissa, since their wedding was the most recent. Technically, to be quite fair, the Jill-n-Don shares a billing as the Keith-n-Rachelle, because I still had my page of notes from their wedding which had the Bible verses I read printed on it. Keith and Rochelle now have two kids and just celebrated their 8th wedding aniversary. I don't really wear suits that much.


Ken Shomo said…
What did you preach on, and where, and what was the occasion?
Jeff said…

I preached on James 4:1-10, "The Gospel according to James."

It was at Union Presbyterian Church, and small country PCA church about an hour or so from Charleston. The occasion was that the pastor was on vacation, and he got my name from a friend, and so he asked if I could fill in. I was glad to. I thought the sermon went pretty well. I was trying to be more Kellerian, but I think it ended up being pretty chapellian. I even did a wrap-around conclusion!

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