crafty fun....

So I've been meaning to post some photos of recent crafty activity for a while. I finally some of my projects mailed out, so now I feel I can post pics and not ruin any surprises. Using the pattern from Wee Wonderfuls, I made a few wee bunnies. I'm still getting used to the whole sewing thing, but this pattern is super easy and quick. You really can whip a bunch of these out in no time. Here is the first group:

We have two bunnies, a kitty, and another animal which we will call a bear, although that is up for debate. Using this baby blanket I bought at goodwill, I also made another, which is probably my favorite:

Then I also made a bag which I think is going to be a graduation/Christmas present for one of my classmates. I think it turned out nicely, even though it's not a great photo:

Here's a view from the inside so you can see the lining better:

I wish I could show you some other things I've been working on, but since they are presents, they'll just have to wait.

Hopefully I can work on some more Christmas presents this weekend....


Megan said…
Cute, cute!

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