Birthday Books

With some of my recent birthday money I had a little fun over at My books came in the mail today! Wahoo! Even at 29, there are few things more exciting than coming home and seeing that you got good mail! And new books are definitely good mail.

I got 3.

The one in the middle I have actually read before. But it is good, and the writing is excellent, so I wanted to own it so I can read it some more. It is thoughtful, gospel based, and highly literate. (note: the book is called "The Mystery of Marriage," not "Mystery Marriage" like it looks in the picture.)

The one on the left I have not read. But both Aubrey and Bro have read it, and they both highly recommend it, and Aubrey said she would like to own it, so now we do. I look forward to reading it, although its longer than I thought, over 600 pages. So that should keep me busy for a while.

The one on the right I have neither read nor heard about. But it sure has a catchy title, don't you think? It falls into the category of "resource book for pastoral ministry." I don't think I'm addicted to anything at the moment. Blogging? But "finding hope in the power of the gospel" sounds good to me.


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