Rainbow Party!

We had Naomi's first birthday party while in SC so we could have it with family. Since I already had a cute rainbow bunting, I decided to go with a rainbow theme. Also because she really came into our lives after a tough pregnancy loss and her birth has brought a lot of joy into our lives.

 I went to the fabric district with a friend a few months ago and bought a rainbow of paper lanterns for decoration. I have also been keeping my eyes open for other rainbow party supplies recently, and found the plates and napkins at Walmart and the paper hats at Target. The rainbow candy canes were a dollar store find and I served a rainbow of fruits and veggies. And a huge Thank you! to Andrew and Melanie for hosting our little shindig at their house.

 The cake was super fun. I followed this tutorial on Martha Stewart, but used this vanilla cake recipe from Annie's Eats I had made before because I knew it was delicious. I used the frosting recipe from the Martha Stewart site (my first time making a swiss meringue butter cream!) and it was delicious. Naomi really didn't eat any cake (I think she had filled up on tomatoes and pizza) but the rest of us enjoyed it.

 Her birthday dress is one I made a few weeks ago from the geranium pattern (first blogged here), but now you can see how cute she looks in it. You can also see her perfecting her newest skill - walking! She starting taking steps right around her actual birthday but now seems to prefer walking and is interested in trying more and more.

 Her Nana got her a very cute baby and she immediately knew what to do with the little bottle.
Happy Birthday, Naomi Ruth!


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