Christmas gifts, part 2.

The other sewing project I made this year were explorer vest for my nephews and Judah, another pattern from Little Things to sew.


I put little flashlights and tape measures from the dollar spot at Target in the pockets. When I first floated the idea of explorer vests by Melanie, she was excited since it would mean less new toys at her house. I don't know if they'll get used, but I loved how many pockets these had, perfect for collecting rocks, sticks, and any other "treasures" they find when they go outside. The pattern includes an option for bellows on the pockets, which makes them seems very "explorer-y" to me. I also got a pair of inexpensive binoculars for Judah in his pocket, which he really loved.

The best part about this year's Christmas sewing: I didn't buy ANYTHING. I used up a lot of cute fabrics from my stash, especially from my stash of boy fabrics. I was really tempted to go to Joann's several times, but realized that I really had plenty already for these projects. The buttons are all from my big button box I bought on ebay a long time ago, and I made my own bias tape from other fabric in the stash. (I sort of hate making bias tape because it involves lot of ironing and cutting, my two least-favorite sewing activities, but I now have enough cute bias tape to last a while. If anyone cares, here is my favorite bias tape tutorial.)

Although this is a great boy project, I also love that with some girly fabric it could be great for girls who like to play outside and explore, too.


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