Back to Normal

It's been a slow and somewhat difficult transition back to our normal routine around here. Naomi has been sick/teething/fussy for unknown reasons leading to less sleep than normal for this mama. Although our Christmas tree is down, we still have some of the other decorations up (maybe I can take care of them today?) and I've been struggling to stay on top of the laundry, meal-preparing and grocery shopping.

I'm also getting a little more nervous about the upcoming transition back to working outside the home. (Nervous and excited!) We have a tentative schedule planned (wednesday morning, thursday morning, and all day friday) and are just waiting for final approval to get my credentials from the hospital. That should come on monday, hopefully.

So that's what's going on out here.... I really do want to start writing more here. As in, actual writing about more than just my cute kids or things I make. Maybe starting a job will give me more to write about. Maybe not. Right now, though, the dishes are calling my name. As is the dinner than needs to be prepped. And those pesky decorations...


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