Yesterday was one of those days that made me want to throw in the towel. There wasn't anything that terrible, but by 2:30 I had texted Jeff that I needed him to come home early because I couldn't handle it anymore. I think most of the problem was that neither kid had much of an afternoon nap, and I have realized that I really need that time to myself in the afternoon to get some dinner prep done and recharge from the morning. In addition to the lack of naps, there were a few other choice moments:

I made the biggest mess of my entire adult life. I managed to knock a nearly-full, large, glass bottle of olive oil off my counter and onto the tile floor, where it shattered and spilled olive oil all over the kitchen. Thankfully Jeff was home and could help me get my shoes and mop up the mess. The floor still feels a bit greasy, but I guess the bottom of my feet will be extra moisturized this week.

And another mom-fail: I took the kids to the grocery store after swim, got all the way through checkout and THEN realized that my debit card wasn't in my wallet. I had needed to pay for something online earlier and it wasn't back in my wallet and I haven't put a new checkbook in it. Now I'm confused as to what we have here at the house because I keep remembering all the stuff I tried to buy and thinking that we actually have it all. Jeff went later that day but I couldn't remember everything I had picked up, so there are still a few things that I think we have but actually don't.

And now for the triumph: Judah is always a little leery of new foods. It almost doesn't matter what it is or how delicious it might be, if it's something he has never eaten before, chances are slim that he's going to want to try it. (This is why my kid won't eat mac and cheese or pizza but will gobble up raw carrots and broccoli.) Broccoli is one of his favorite veggies and this week I made some broccoli and cauliflower mixed together. I told Judah that the cauliflower was "white broccoli" and I can only surmise that the novelty of eating white broccoli made him happy to try it, and even happier when I let him have three helpings of it. I felt very smart with my slick veggie marketing, which was a good thing since I needed a success (and some homemade chocolate cookies) to redeem the day.


Emilie said…
yay for a success to brighten your day. I've made the "please come home" call. I hope today is much better for you.
Melanie said…
What a blessing that, far away from family and in a new city, Jeff's job is one where he can answer your "please come home" call. I've made them, too.

And, maybe I should try "green cauliflower?" Our boys eat cauliflower but not broccoli!

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