A few things.

1. I've started the house sewing! It felt great busting out the sewing machine, finally. I've finished the living room and kitchen curtains. I still need to make curtains for all the rooms upstairs. I've got my eye on some fabric for Judah's room and I already bought some fabric for Naomi's room. I still have no idea what to do in our room. But I'm loving these living room curtains - the fabric, the shape, everything. I dig them.
Here are the kitchen curtains. I think these turned out pretty well, though I don't have the same deep love for them as I do for my living room curtains. But it makes the room much more homey and brings in some nice color to the very white kitchen.
2. We are slowly checking out as much free LA stuff as possible. Last weekend we went to this small flight museum by LAX. It was awesome - we got to go in this old school plane and sit in the cockpit (Judah LOVED that part.) There was a cool video showing the Endeavor as it flew into LA, and lots of neat model plains.
3. Judah is taking swim lessons this week. He hates it. Day two he pretty much cried the entire time. Day 3 he cried a little less and kicked a little more when his teacher asked, but still was sad almost the whole time. Is this normal? I don't want to make him miserable, but he's got to learn to swim. He actually likes swimming at our pool and we do it almost every day, but his death grip on my neck when I drop him off at his lesson makes me question if he's ready for this. Since swim lessons make him cry, we've been going to this little splash pad at a local park on the way home to sort of redeem the day for him. He's very into the water cannon.


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