We're not in Greenwood anymore...

So here's short list of the more subtle ways that LA is different than Greenwood:

1. Lots of billboards here advertise TV shows and movies. I'm not sure I ever saw a billboard for a movie in SC.

2.The cars. In LA, we see tons of convertibles everywhere. Judah calls these a word that sounds mostly like "adorables," which is pretty stinkin' adorable. The "nice cars" in LA are ferraris, teslas, bentleys and jaguars. Not the BMWs and Lexuses (Lexi?) that we saw in Greenwood. We also see very few pickup trucks here.

3. They don't sell riding lawnmowers in Lowe's. Much to Judah's disappointment.

4. Our Greenwood neighborhood was a mix of Black and White families. Here we go to the pool and are sometimes the only family that speaks English. There is lots more diversity here, which is great.

5. In Greenwood we often had a hard time finding something fun to do because there wasn't that much to do in Greenwood. Here we can't decide because there are too many options.

6. When I went running in Greenwood, I rarely saw anyone else walking or running. Every time I go now, though, there are lots of other people outside exercising. I realize that this may be just because we live in much denser area, but California seems to have a much more active culture than SC. It probably helps that there are bike lanes and sidewalks everywhere.

7. The weather. LA definitely gets hot during the day. But with the low humidity, every evening is really pleasant. In SC, even a 10pm walk would leave me drenched in sweat.

8. In SC, we had lots of neighbors leave their garage door open during the day or when they were at home. That doesn't happen here.

9. Probably its just the circles we were in back in SC, but I often felt surrounded by homeschooling families. So far, I have met only one homeschooling family here. Nearly everyone at our church goes to public school.

I'm sure as the months go on, we'll see more more differences.


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