Thursday, August 08, 2013

Gallery Stairs

(I'm not sure why the photos didn't show, so I'm bumping this post up when new photos added. Hopefully this will work.)

Pretty much since we moved in, I have been living with piles of picture frames sitting on our steps waiting to hang them. For a while we couldn't find the hammer, then the kids would be sleeping. Today we finally tackled this project and I couldn't be more pleased.
Mostly we have family photos I've taken, a few plates that used to hang above my cabinets, but I also made some cool DIY wall art using vintage postcards and premade mats from Joann. I've been hoarding vintage postcards from ebay for a while now (that usually only cost a dollar or two) and this week I finally went and got some frames for them. I had this idea of having them professionally framed, but then I thought about how much that would cost and scoured the framing section of Joann to see what else I could do. Thankfully I found some great ready-made mats and frames that were 60% off. Score. Here you can see my San Diego postcards and some Charleston ones.

One of my favorite part might be this one, with a silhouette of Judah (which reminds me that I need to make one of Naomi soon), an old ceramic urinal (yes, I did hang a urinal on my wall. but isn't it beautiful??!?), and a beautiful photo of my sweet Grandma and kids.
It's slowly feeling more and more like home here.

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