Gallery Stairs

(I'm not sure why the photos didn't show, so I'm bumping this post up when new photos added. Hopefully this will work.)

Pretty much since we moved in, I have been living with piles of picture frames sitting on our steps waiting to hang them. For a while we couldn't find the hammer, then the kids would be sleeping. Today we finally tackled this project and I couldn't be more pleased.
Mostly we have family photos I've taken, a few plates that used to hang above my cabinets, but I also made some cool DIY wall art using vintage postcards and premade mats from Joann. I've been hoarding vintage postcards from ebay for a while now (that usually only cost a dollar or two) and this week I finally went and got some frames for them. I had this idea of having them professionally framed, but then I thought about how much that would cost and scoured the framing section of Joann to see what else I could do. Thankfully I found some great ready-made mats and frames that were 60% off. Score. Here you can see my San Diego postcards and some Charleston ones.

One of my favorite part might be this one, with a silhouette of Judah (which reminds me that I need to make one of Naomi soon), an old ceramic urinal (yes, I did hang a urinal on my wall. but isn't it beautiful??!?), and a beautiful photo of my sweet Grandma and kids.
It's slowly feeling more and more like home here.


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