Yesterday and today were much better days than friday, for several reasons:
1. I delivered TWO babies on Saturday - and these were the kind of easy, no worry deliveries I especially enjoy.

2. I put on my big girl panties and actually told Mr. Big Shot surgeon that I didn't appreciate being yelled at and that he doesn't need to be rude. I'm much more of a stew-about-it, grudge-holder, so this was big for me. I almost felt like crying when I did it, and then when he apologized, I nearly hugged him. But that would have been weird.

3. We had one of the shortest lists ever today, my day call wasn't bad, AND it was my last day on the service for a while. I've got clinic in the morning and then I'm off the rest of the week. Well, as off as you can be when you have an 18 month old.

4. I realized yesterday that Jeff's mom will be here in a week! It is always a treat when she visits and we all are looking forward to it.


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