Good meatless recipes.

I'm not anywhere near becoming a vegetarian, but I have been thinking for a while that we need to eat less meat. I definitely have grown up in the camp of thinking that dinner = meat + some sort of side. While I like meat as much as the next person, I also recognize that eating more veggies and beans is a much healthier diet (not to mention much cheaper!). I have found some fantastic meatless recipes recently, so I thought I'd post them here.

First up, what I had for dinner tonight: Spaghetti squash and black bean sauce. About once a year I'll make spaghetti squash, and although I've had  it several ways that I like, none of the recipes have been good enough to make me want to come back to them. This, though, is the recipe that makes me want to come back. That black bean sauce was fantastic. I am already looking forward to eating the leftovers.

Black bean pumpkin soup - slightly heartier that your average pumpkin soup, this one has pureed black beans in it. I didn't actually have black bean when I made it, so I used garbanzo beans. Still very tasty, but I bet it would be even better with black beans.

The last one isn't much of a recipe, but I took the leftover black beans from my black bean sauce, mixed them with some quinoa, salsa, cheese, and a few green onions. This is tomorrow's dinner, but I sampled it tonight and it was delicious.

Jeff, of course, ate hot dogs tonight instead of the spaghetti squash. But he did try (and like) the black bean sauce. Any other favorite meatless recipes?


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