Guilty pleasures.

I have a confession to make.

I kind of like Eminem. Here's another confession: So does my husband.

I actually have him to blame. See, our very first date was when he called on a thursday afternoon to ask me out to dinner on friday night, then out to a lecture being given at a local book store by a seminary friend. We had a nice time at dinner; he ordered a salad (!!) and I ate some salmon. We talked about our families. He told me he basically had this church job all lined up in Colorado, at which point I thought to myself, "Well, I guess this probably won't go anywhere...." The lecture we went to was actually a lecture about the world view of Eminem and what a Christian approach to Eminem should be. Clearly, most of his music is filled with a very, very sinful outlook on life, numerous curse words, and occasional violence. But, if you can find the songs that aren't quite so laden with epithets, he is a really talented writer and they all have a fun beat. For instance, his song "Lose yourself" from the movie 8 Mile has very few curse words and is about someone trying to make it in the music industry. What can I say? I sing along to that song whenever I hear it played.
Which is rarely, since even though we own an Eminem album, I am not going to listen to it because most of the other songs, although filled with catchy, syncopated rhymes, I just can't stomach.

Although my musical taste runs much more to the Avett Brothers, U2, and Allison Krauss, I do occasionally want a good head-bopping beat. Enter my husband again, who today introduced me to my new favorite Rap artist, Shai Linne. Check this out:

 Anyone who can rap using the word "imputation" and "propitiation" is awesome. Does your trinitarian theology need a little brush up? How about this one:
Finally, would you care for a defense of the doctrine of limited atonement? Yep, he's got one of those, too. Enjoy.

I am happy that now I can enjoy some rap AND listen to great theological teaching at the same time.

Although I'll probably still enjoy singing along with "Lose Yourself".....

Anyone else out there with a musical guilty pleasure?


hardeewhites said…
I am always looking for some good Christian rap! Have yet to come across much...

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