Words of wisdom.

I was a bad daughter and wife this father's day. Being on vacation so long made me totally space on getting any kind of gift or card. So, here's a little tribute, a day late and a dollar short.

I am incredibly blessed to be the daughter of one wonderful father AND the wife of another. Both men have taught me a lot. Here's just a sampling:

Wisdom learned from my dad:
1. When you push in the brake, you also have to push in the clutch.
2. There is a right way and a wrong way to hold a needle driver.
3. Don't worry so much about the first deer you see when driving, worry about the second one you don't see.
4. If you add two or three cups of cold water to the ice around the ice cream churn, it'll freeze faster.
5. Lean back and bend your knees when you are trying to get up while water skiing.
6. You are never too old to wakeboard.
7. Ultrasound is a really, really cool technology.
8. Don't knock your snow skis together on the lift. They might fall off.
9. Do what you can to bring a cup of cold water in Jesus' name to those even at the end of the road.

What I've learned from Jeff, and what I'm sure he'll teach our son:
1. Baked Oatmeal is really delicious.
2. The DH is stupid.
3. The National League is clearly superior to the American League. (For why, see #2)
4. You should always revel in rooting for a team that doesn't win.
5. Go Cubs! (See #4, and while we're at it, Go Gamecocks!)
6. Wendell Berry is awesome.
7. I can do triathlons!
8. The prophetic vision in Zechariah 4 is most completely fulfilled in Acts 2. (Really, just ask him. He'll explain it.)
9. You trust God in the good times, and keep trusting him in the bad.

Thanks to both of you for who you are and what you've taught.


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