Vacation, part 1.

Admission: I feel like I didn't take enough pictures on this vacation. I guess when your hands are busy herding the newly-walking 14 month old and carrying all the stuff he requires, there just isn't one left to do it.

The first part of our recent vacation was to Virginia Beach, where our denomination was having its annual general assembly. This is mostly a business meeting to discuss and vote on issues that arise, but also a time for fellowship and networking. We did get to do some of both, meeting up with good friends several times. Jeff also got to talk to lots of different people to find out what opportunities are out there. Every night there is a worship service, and I was excited to hear Tim Keller preach live and in person.

Jeff, I think, was excited to "talk shop" a bit. Most of our friends here in Greenwood are in the medical community and Jeff is often stuck listening to us all blather on about this or that medical condition. I was glad he could finally talk theology and bible and church politics a bit instead.


Sue Tell said…
Can't wait to hear more. :)

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