Has everyone already gotten on pinterest? It's my new favorite website/time waster/ social media application. As a very visual person, I love being able just to look at all the beautiful photos everyone is sharing. Let me know if you want an invite. And you can get it one the iPhone, and so have a little amusement to use when you are waiting (or perhaps when you are procrastinating....).

A sobering read about the realities of sex selective abortion.

Two interesting photography links, both somewhat related:
The Ghosts of WWII - a series of photographs of modern Russia blended with shots from the same sights during WWII. Very intriguing. (HT -challies)

Dear Photograph - a similar concept, but this is individuals doing the same sort of thing. There is a beautiful wistfulness about these photos that greatly appealed to me. (HT - MJ)


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