Driving, a series

Wow. I didn't expect to be away from the blog for quite so long. But when you are on a fun vacation, staying with someone who doesn't have internet (can you imagine?), such is life. Honestly, it was sort of nice to be away from everything here for a few days. I didn't read any blogs. I didn't even think about anything medically related. More about the rest of the trip soon, but I'm thankful to say that the three long driving days we had actually went pretty well, even with a 14-month old.

Yesterday, my son did yet another thing that just killed me. We were taking a long dinner break and before we got back in the car to go, we let him stand in the driver's seat. Here he is, pretending to drive, all while making his adorable little car noise:

Then, I kid you not, he tried to adjust the mirror. I'd say he hasn't quite figured out how to use the mirror to his best advantage.

And finally, he even tried to turn on the radio. Where does he get this stuff??


Sue Tell said…

and loved it, loved it, loved it.

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