A few things.

1. I diagnosed my first case of chicken pox the other day. Which is kind of funny because a disease that was once a rite of passage is now so rare that it actually seems kind of cool when you see it. I've definitely seen chicken pox before - seeing as how I had them once upon a time, and remember when one of my younger siblings got them, but I just have never diagnosed them before. I can't prove that's what this patient had, but seeing as the rash looked like the classic description and this guy had never had them before, I'm pretty sure. 

2. I've decided it's definitely not a sewing project until I've used my seam ripper. I am physically incapable of completing something without having to take out at least one seam. (Yes, this means that more projects have been completed. Photos to come.)

3. Today, while I was ripping out a seam (see above) I caught about 10 minutes of the show So You Think You Can Dance. The best part? Hearing someone say, "I'm krumping for Christ. That was me just praising..."

4. I had started to think we were about to transition to one nap, then yesterday Judah slept 3.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 in the afternoon. And still went to bed at 7:30. Apparently we still need both.

5. Speaking of Judah, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I asked him where his nose was and he actually pointed at it. This morning, I asked him where my nose was, and he pointed at mine! He has also successfully pointed at his toes when asked.

6. Judah and I shared a popsicle today. (Ok, ok, actually we shared two popsicles, but they were homemade with peaches and yogurt. Practically a health food.) He got the biggest kick out of holding the popsicle himself and feeding me.


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