Sorry for the absence - we were a little busy with luncheons, rehearsals, relatives, nephews, and, of course, the wedding. Austin and Elise are now wed! It still is a little strange that my little brother now has a wife. Jeff and I got a great little mini-vacation in Cleveland in the process. The wedding itself was a wonderful reflection of both my brother and his beautiful wife (!!) who love each other greatly, but the Lord even more.

Friday, just before all the excitement really got started, I went for a little run in a local park and ended up with a very swollen, bruised and painful ankle. I ended up on crutches for most of the weekend, and am going to try to get x-rayed tomorrow morning before clinic to make sure nothing was broken. That's what I get for trying to exercise on vacation.

I just spent at least five minutes trying to get some great photos uploaded, but for now blogger apparently is having fits, and as it's really hot in this room I don't have patience to wait any longer. Photos to come.


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