Going to the doctor.

Physicians most certainly make the worst patients. I know I hate trying to make appointments to actually go and see a doctor. Tuesday, I cornered one of my attendings to get them to look at my ankle. Thankfully, he didn't see anything he was too concerned about, but did want me to get xrayed. The x-ray looked good, so apparently I just have a bad sprain. I was starting to worry I'd spend the next month in some kind of cast. That is fortunately not needed. The ankle is slowly starting to feel better. Swimming is just about the best exercise, I've decided, because I've gone the last two days and that really seems to make my ankle feel better.

Then last night, Jeff and I decided to go on a walk with the dog, as is our nightly custom. I decided I would be fine to walk the full mile-long loop, complete with several steep hills.

This morning, my somewhat sore ankle tells me possibly I should have taken it a little easier on my first walk.

At least I didn't go running.


Anonymous said…
Aubrey - we are so glad your ankle is not broken. Thanks too for the great pictures of the wedding.

Colorado dad

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