I love the Olympics. Jeff and I even broke down and got cable because during the last olympics, we didn't have TV at all, and missing all the skiing and ice skating made me sad. So I convinced him (finding out he could get ESPN made it a little easier) to get TV so we could watch. But I've been a little annoyed by a few things at this games.

1. The women's beach volleyball attire. How is that a uniform?? Basically they are playing in their underwear. Come on, ladies, put on a shirt.

2. A few days ago, I learned that one of the most creative parts of the opening ceremony, the foot-shaped fireworks "walking" to the stadium, was actually fake; a computer generated sequence that took over a year to make was spliced into the rest of the footage. Lame.

3. In an even bigger display of fakeness, the cute girl who "sang" during the opening ceremony was just lip-synching, the real child singer apparently wasn't cute enough to take part. What??!? What kind of message is that? Double lame.

4. Why, oh why do the coolest events (swimming, gymnastics) have to come on after 10pm?? Now that we have TV, I can't turn it off. Because I might miss that last flying leap over the vault.

Sigh. and Yawn.


Pam said…
I was annoyed with the women's beach volleyball uniforms, too, but even more annoyed when I found out it is REQUIRED that they wear that!! They don't have an option. Meanwhile, the men are required to wear shorts and a tank top -- some of them would prefer to play w/out shirts, but they aren't allowed. While the women are required to play in a bikini. Ridiculous!! I blame the patriarchy!
That's why women's volleyball is getting so much coverage. I'm annoyed too. I've missed so much I want to see b/c I have to go to bed. Also, the men's syncronized diving suits???? Come on, they barely cover their cracks!
Totallyscrappy said…
Just this morning I was moaning to my husband that this is the last year for women's softball at the Olympics. Wait just a minute... syncronized diving and bare-lady-beach-volleyball are better SPORTS???? I bet that if the softball team played in bikinis they would be playing in London. Hmph.
Banana said…
just catching up on your blog and this post caught my eye. i actually disagree about the volleyball bikinis--i'd call them sport bikinis, don't you think? somehow that makes them more ok to me, maybe b/c they seem functional rather than flaunty.

and i'm kind of jealous b/c they look really comfortable. all that jumping and diving in the sand and they're hardly ever tugging at them to get them back in place. and that's probably what i would want to wear if 1. i had the body for it, and 2. was playing out in the hot sun in the middle of the afternoon. a shirt would be soaked and all sandy...yuck.

i don't like, as one of your friends pointed out, that they are required to wear them. i do think they should have a choice about how much belly (or behind) they want to expose.

but (no pun intended), the main reason i'm commenting is that i just turned on the tube after reading this post and noticed that our scantily/sportily-clad volleyball team is playing BRAZIL tonight and, fittingly enough, the front of the brazil team's bikini tops say "BRA 1" and "BRA 2". so perhaps your point stands. ;) --hannah

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