On my little jaunts across the internet, I often find great links to some cool shops. Since I don't have any other ideas floating in my head today, I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Miss Fickle Media - I just really love these mostly nature inspired pendants.
Sofia Masri - Very cool handmade ceramic earrings and necklaces.
Leafing earth - Neat, flower-inspired earrings.
Littleput Land - Scrabble tiles, covered in paper, made into necklaces. Prettier than they sound. But just as dorky.
Starry Design - pretty silver jewelry.

Paper Goods:
Chewing the Cud- Clever notecards.
Craft Pudding - Handmade stamps.
Lexie Sullivan - Notecards.
Presslings - letterpressed notecards.
12fifteen - notecards and coasters.
ilee paper goods - more pretty cards.
Sweet Paperie - cool stamps

Creative thursday - cute paintings that would be great in a kid's room.
Sarah Jane Studios - Her prints remind me of something from vintage children's books.

Kobold toys - Mostly wooden, and most importantly, noise-free toys.
Dollhouse Sweets - Tiny, doll house-sized sweets. Not that I have a doll house, but these are just precious.
Woodmouse - Wooden blocks.

Fabric: Two of my favorite places to look, although I haven't actually bought any from here since I'm already overrun.

Any other favorites y'all have out there?


Kirby3131 said…
Awesome! Thanks so much. Thanks for posting your link on my blog about where to shop.

Have a great day!
Leigh said…
I found you through Kirby (The Goat) I love your list! Great suggestions. I do a list in the fall of my favorite gifts to give (oprah inspired). I am so going to get my daughter and neices the bird nest necklace from Starry Designs. Awesome! Great ideas!

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