Wife on Call

As noted, Aubrey is on call tonight. Which for me means a quiet evening here at the house. I started by scrounging together some dinner. I had some leftover pizza bread from last night, which is one of my favorite meals. But there wasn't enough to qualify as a meal, so I had to scrounge further. My efforts were generously rewarded when thorough scrounging turned up an old and forgotten pack of brats hiding in the back of the fridge. The sell-by date was mid december, but judging by the state of the package, I have no doubt we bought them in time, and they have been happily lounging in our fridge since. The remaining brats were covered in frost, the back of the fridge gets pretty cold. So I fried one up, and enjoyed a Natural Light beer with it. I'm actually starting to like the Natural Lights, especially when poured into a frosty mug out of the freezer, and they get really cold and a bit icy.
After dinner I revved up some John Piper, and started cleaning the kitchen. I gave it a pretty thorough cleaning, and even folded some laundry and put it away. I'm being quite productive in Aubrey's absence. The knowledge of the hapiness this will give her tomorrow makes me happy. Now I am writing my inaugeral blog entry, whereupon the finishing thereof, I will try to put together some bible study questions about Hosea 2 to send out to our small group.


Aubrey said…
I love you, husband!
dad said…

Greetings from CO! Wish I knew you were eating by yourself tonight, I would have come over for dinner.

momT said…
I LOVE it.

Did you get this idea from Sunday conversation with ....

Love, mom
dt said…
Is Natural Light a brand or a type?

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