on call

Today I am doing what is known in medical circles as being "on call." This means I stay at the hospital all night, sleep in a rickety bunk bed waiting for my pager to go off, and examine any kid who is going to be admitted. As a third year med student, sometimes being on call just means that you go home later than usual if your resident is nice and tells you to leave. But, alas, I think tonight I am actually going to have to stay here all night. I do not get the feeling my resident will tell me to go home. So no nice warm comfy bed that contains 2 very squishy pillows and a nice handsome husband. :(
Supposedly there are four kids that we know of now who are going to be admitted. So maybe I will learn something. Until then, I am trying to find ways to fill this afternoon. On the bright side, I will actually get to eat hospital breakfast tomorrow morning. Which really is a treat. Biscuits - Yum!


mom T. said…
Hey Aubrey

This is fun. but I bet those biscuits aren't as good as your dad's. Sleep well.

Love, mom
Anonymous said…
Did you get this idea from Sunday conversation with ....?

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