Sunday, Sleepy Sunday

Of all ten commandments, I think the command to keep the Sabbath is my favorite. Even throwing in all the extra commands in Deuteronomy, still nothing beats the Sabbath Command. I mean, here we have the very will of God, as thundered from the mountain, inscribed in stone, you must take a day off. "Aw, c'mon God, not even just a little back breaking labor by the sweat of my brow?" "No no Jeff, you must spend the day on the couch." "Well, allright."

So here Aubrey and I are, on a Sunday afternoon, doing our best to obey God. She is taking a snoozer on two-thirds of the couch, and I am on the remaining third, playing on the computer. Later, I might take a nap myself.

Sunday is always our favorite day of the week. We went to church this morning, and our pastor preached his yearly OT sermon, about prizing our inheritance in Christ, unlike Esau, who did not prize his birthright. Aubrey and I had been hoping for a picnic lunch, but the weather soured a bit during church, so we came home and ate leftovers from our date last night. We went to a snooty french resteraunt, and had a waitress with a real french accent! I couldn't even understand her description of the specials, except for something about "artee-shokes." I got a steak. The leftovers were good. Aubrey and I try to make a habit out of doing nothing on Sunday afternoons, and to be honest, we're getting pretty good at it. What can I say? The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul!


dad said…
Hi Jeff and Aubrey -

It's a nice sunny Colorado sunny afternoon - but a bit chilly, in the high 30's - looks a lot warmer. After church I went to Home Depot - am looking to buy a new table saw - want to do some projects and the one I have is to old, small, and is on its last legs. After I turn it on, have to hit the motor with a hammer to get it to start. Think will order one tomorrow from sears.

The rest of the day will be sleepy sunday - need to pay some bills, clean off my desk, and want to read some.

Had a good talk with Dave last night and got caught up on his Wheaton trip.

Love ya -

Ken Shomo said…
And then there's Isaiah 58...

Hey Jeff, nice blog. What a happy couple!

In the last 48 hours, three friends have started blogs on blogspot. I think this blogging thing might really be the wave of the present.

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